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Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography in Jacksonville, FL

Kram Kran Photo provides a way through photography for viewers to step into the scene. Photographer Mark Krancer is an expert at bringing the most intimate details of a scene to life. Through lighting and natural beauty, Mark connects the viewer to nature. Kram Kran Photo’s landscape photography is simple yet stunning, from an illuminating sunrise to the serene seaside. Landscape photography is much more than a simple photo of land. Mark Krancer looks deep into nature to find dancing lights and unique colors to make photos come alive with emotion. Contact Kram Kran Photo to learn more. 

What is Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography can be microscopic or vast, depending on what you want to capture. Kram Kran Photo focuses on showcasing the most important details of nature in combination with the environment’s natural beauty. Mark Krancer says he photographs inspiration found in nature. Landscape photography brings a piece of nature to life through lighting and colors that can only be found in the natural environment. Mark fell in love with the beauty of Jacksonville and began recording the spirit of the area through photography which has since led him to photographing natural scenery across the nation.

Steinhatchee pier at sunset

Types of Landscape Photography

There are many different types of landscape photography, including:

  • Representational – Representational landscapes capture nature in its most basic form without using artificial components or props. Representational landscape photography focuses on lighting, framing, and composition.

  • Impressionistic – An impressionistic landscape focuses on an impression of a landscape with a vague sense of reality. This type of photography often includes a blurry, dreamy look to capture multiple moments in a stable piece of nature.

  • Abstract – Abstract landscape photography focuses on the design of nature. The realistic representation of nature is second to the photography design.

Landscape photo of Franklin, NC

Kram Kran’s Landscape Projects

Mark Krancer has the ability to blend all types of landscape photography to create works of art that captivate emotion and style. Some of Kram Kran Photo’s landscape pictures include the shadows of tree branches dancing against a breathtaking sunset, lightning crashes through a perfect set of clouds, and a rainbow painting the sky behind a classic lighthouse. Mark appreciates the genuine emotion that flows from natural beauty and loves to inspire others through his landscape photography.

Classic vs. Modern Landscape Photography 

Masters of classic, modern landscape photography like Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter commonly used cameras with an approximate 50mm lens. This type of lens captures what people see with their naked eye from a realistic perspective. Today, many landscape photos are taken through wide-angle lenses to exaggerate the depth of nature in a scene. Whether classic or modern, the main goal of a landscape photo is to convey the feelings and emotions of the scene through the photographer’s lens.

Contact Kram Kran Photo 

Kram Kran Photo’s, Mark Krancer, is passionate about sharing his love of nature with you. The inspiring lights and colors of his photography are found in every picture. Feel free to view his work and feel the emotion in each piece. Contact Kram Kran Photo for more information or shop his collection of prints today.

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