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Artist Talks

Photography is the art of capturing light.  As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” There can be so many different kinds of light used in Mark’s photographic journey, and he finds joy in explaining the processes and telling the stories behind the images. This is part of the joy that Mark finds in his creative journey. Being free to be a full time photographer allows the opportunity to pursue his creative paths even more so. 


Understanding the basic fundamentals of photography will give you the opportunity to grow your creativity and find your own abilities. From group beginner’s classes to in-depth one on one hands on tutorials, Mark offers aspiring photographers of all backgrounds the ability to learn more about how to be a better visual storyteller. 

Photo credit: Brandi Hill

Motivational Speaking

Mark is extremely grateful for the wonderful opportunities he has today. Having life challenges and overcoming - in order to be able to display an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for the little things - goes a long way in our daily walk. Mark is passionate about sharing his story so others can have hope and inspiration for their futures. 


Photographic tours to learn more about subjects, such as historic preservation with active participation, are a passion of Mark’s. Mark also offers landscape and cityscape tours, which allow you to see places far away or familiar to you from a new angle.

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