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Mark Krancer's Interview with Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) regarding his permanent photographic prints on display at the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center.

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44th Annual Art Awards winner - "The Art of Giving"

Mark was honored by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville at the 44th Annual Art Awards for "The Art of Giving" 

"The Art of Giving" award:

a. stewards their resources to fund, support, and sustain arts and culture programs;

b. gives to various organizations within the arts and culture community;

c. is a philanthropist who willingly gives to benefit the mission of an organization;

d. supports through their financial resources as well as their time commitment;

e. develops long term relationships to assist with organizational growth.

WJXT Channel 4

Mark Krancer, the photographer who took one of the most iconic photos of Hurricane Irma, joined us on the WJXT Channel 4 Morning Show.

Cultural Council partners with Krancer's Prisoners of Christ project

"Funding from the individual artist micro-grant will allow photographer Mark Krancer to embark on a project that focuses on the rehabilitation and resocialization of formerly incarcerated individuals, and the value they can contribute to society post-incarceration. Through his photography, Mark hopes to convey a message that these men and women are more than just their Department of Corrections inmate ID numbers." - Community First Cares Foundation

National Geographic coverage

Life in the River, taken in N.E. Florida during the onslaught by Hurricane Irma, was one of 23 out of 4,706 submitted images to be selected for “Climate Action in Your Community,” a National Geographic photo assignment.

River City Live interview

Coverage of "Life in the River", a local image that went viral, and its photojournalistic contribution to the history of Northeast Florida.

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Karpeles Library Museum Show

"Approximately 150 attended the opening reception of Mark Krancer’s first solo exhibit since he shot the iconic “Life In The River” photograph during Hurricane Irma in September 2017. The exhibit of
17 pieces feature landscapes from North and Central Florida and Georgia."  - page 32

Circles Magazine, Finding Freedom in Photography

"In Krancer's self-portrait, he is surrounded by items that have significance to him and humanize him against the handcuffs and jumpsuit he is wearing. Those items include a book of hopes and dreams he completed in prison, photography awards he has won, his Bachelor's degree, and items that symbolize his love for his wife, Kristin." - page 112

Prisoner's of Christ Collaborations & Interviews

Prisoners of Christ has existed for decades in order to give every man their very best opportunity for a true second chance. 

The Club JAX Opens at JIA

Universally featuring a permanent art collection by photographer Mark Krancer, The Club JAX opened in Summer 2019. The Daily Record covered the grand opening of JIA's first VIP club for all passengers.