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Fine Art Photography

Specializing in Nature and Landscapes

Oftentimes, man-made structures can be just as lovely as natural scenery. In addition to nature photography, Mark specializes in land and city scenes of America. This gallery features the bright lights of downtown Jacksonville, the sparkle of fireworks, and the old-time allure of farmhouses. 

Abstract Photography by Kram Kran Photo

Fine art isn't all still lifes and portraits. Sometimes, Mark's work dips into the abstract. These creative designs use color and natural elements to evoke both the serenity of the countryside and the hustle and bustle of city life. These abstract art pieces make the perfect complement to any living room or dining room décor. 




Every place has its own sort of natural beauty. Whether you live in the countryside or the big city, there are little pockets of nature to enjoy. At Kram Kran Photo, photographer Mark Krancer is delighted to bring these hints of natural and man-made beauty to life. Based in Jacksonville, FL, Mark creates stunning prints of landscapes, cityscapes, and quaint slices of nature. His work has appeared in multiple local art exhibits, numerous publications, as well as several national and international shows. Today, you can purchase some of Mark's work for your own home. Browse his gallery of fine art landscape photography or send him a design inquiry. 


Melding Natural Beauty and Fine Art

What Is Fine Art Photography?

"Fine art photography" is quite a broad term. In short, it's a type of photography that puts creativity and artistry at the forefront. Generally, this term applies to high-quality photo prints, but nearly any creative work can be described as fine art. Within the category of fine art photography, you'll see plenty of subject matter and abstract designs. Here are just a few types of photography you might encounter: 

  • Portrait: Fine art portrait photography involves a specific subject. This subject might be a person (think Girl with a Pearl Earring) or an object (think a Caravaggio still life). While some of the most famous portrait examples are painted, not photographed, the idea is the same. 

  • Landscape: Landscape photography turns a field, forest, or river into fine art. While most people think of fine art landscape photography as only photos of natural scenery, it can also depict city skylines, streets, and villages.

  • Nature: The world is your oyster when it comes to nature photography. Nature is chock-full of beauty, and fine art photographers capture that beauty through a creative lens. Fine art nature photography might show plant life, wildlife, or stunning scenes of the ocean. 


Mark uses his years of photography experience and passion to bring his patrons a variety of prints. His galleries feature all kinds of subjects, but few subjects depict the inherent beauty of the world like nature and landscapes. Mark's work in and around nature includes the following subject matter: 

Check out Kram Kran Photo Galleries




See Mark's work for yourself in his online fine art photography gallery. He features several galleries, all with a different artistic focus. Perhaps you want to browse portraits, or maybe you want something that illustrates the natural beauty of the Jacksonville area. Whatever the case, you'll find something stunning in Mark's archived work. Beyond landscape and nature galleries, check out these pieces from Kram Kran Photo: 

  • Commercial: Over the years, Mark has worked with several commercial clients. His portfolio includes food photography, headshots, real estate photography, and historic preservation shots. 

  • Event: Capture the majesty of your next big day with photography. Mark has experience photographing birthday parties, retirement celebrations, galas, and much more. 

  • Portrait: Kram Kran Photo offers all kinds of portrait photography. Talk to Mark about traditional, lifestyle, environmental, or group portraits. 

Get in Touch with Mark

Landscape and fine art photography are for everyone. No matter your tastes or price range, there's something for you in the Kram Kran Photo gallery. If you see something you like, Kram Kran Photo would love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to reach out to Mark Krancer with art design inquiries and questions. Bringing art to a broader audience is always part of the goal, and Mark would love to work with you. Shop online, schedule a photo shoot, or contact Kram Kran Photo today for details about prints and purchases. 

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