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Portrait Photography in Franklin, NC and Jacksonville, FL

Beautiful, Unique Portrait Photography from Kram Kran Photo

Portrait photography is all about one-of-a-kind shots that capture the essence of the subject. Although self-portraits snapped on a mobile phone and uploaded to social media have become ubiquitous, these images can’t compare with a true portrait photo taken by a skilled photographer. In fact, portrait photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography to master, because it requires understanding the personality and identity that makes each subject unique, and capturing that spirit in an image.

Mark Krancer of Kram Kran Photo is experienced in capturing the moments that make occasions magical. He brings his eye and his natural talent for composing the perfect image to his portrait photography work in Jacksonville, FL.


Portrait Photography 101

Portrait photography is a type of photography in which the focus of the photo is one or more human subjects. Portraits can be taken for many different reasons: to mark a life milestone like a graduation or retirement; capture an image of a group at a moment in time for sentimental reasons or even for professional or promotional use. Portraits are also used for historic preservation purposes, in the case of portraits of presidents and other political leaders, athletes, and other important public figures.

Portrait photographs are not candid shots but posed images that spotlight the subject. This is why the photographer is so important. Choosing the right lighting, background, and setting while making the subject feel comfortable is key to creating a natural-looking portrait that captures the personality of the subject.


Types of Portrait Photography

There are multiple types of portrait photography. The way the photo will be used helps to dictate which kind of portrait is best. Here are some of the common styles of portrait photography:

  • Traditional Portraits: These are the types of portraits that most people envision when they think of portrait photography. In traditional portraits, the subject is the foreground of the shot, posed and looking directly at the camera.

  • Lifestyle Portraits: With this kind of portrait, the subject is captured while doing one of their usual activities. The photographerwill choreograph rather than pose the image to capture a photo that looks active and natural.

  • Environmental Portraits: These portraits are similar to lifestyle portraits in that they place the subject in a location that is significant to them, but they are posed rather than active. The subject remains the focus, but the environment is also highlighted in the shot. These are typically outdoor portrait photographs.

  • Group Portraits: Group portraits involve more than one subject. They are typically shot like traditional portraits, however, some groups choose to include some action in their portraits to capture the group dynamics.

Choose Kram Kran Photo for Your Portrait Photography Needs

For portrait photography in Jacksonville, FL, look no further than Kram Kran Photo. Mark Krancer’s work has been displayed all over Florida, and he’s widely recognized for his talent for giving moments new life with his vibrant photographic work. Browse Kram Kran’s photo gallery, and contact us today to set up your portrait photography session.

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