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Photography by Kram Kran Photo

Kram Kran Photo Portfolio

Welcome to the Kam Kran Photo portfolio of works of art in Jacksonville, FL. Photographer Mark Krancer is proud to share his love of all types of photography with you. From Fine Art shots of nature in their purest form to elegant gala events capturing the smallest details, Mark is passionate about sharing his work with the world. Contact Kram Kran Photo for more information.

Kram Kran Photo’s commercial projects include drone photo and videography and photography for:

  • Commercial

  • Cuisine

  • Headshots

  • Product

  • Real Estate

  • Documentary

  • Historic Preservation


Mark captures beauty in the details of headshots and family photos. His food photos, product sales photos, and artwork photos showcase a seller's products in crystal-clear image quality. Mark focuses on balancing light and life in his aerial imagery and historic preservation pictures.

Kram Kran Photo is proud to be one of the most elite event photographers in the area. Mark provides photography for all types of events, including:

  • Personal Events and Life Celebrations  – Capturing the emotions in personal events is one of Mark's specialties. Birthdays, retirements, and gender reveal parties are just a few of the personal events that Kram Kran Photo captures with essence and details.

  • Workplace Shindigs & Business Life – Kram Kran Photo steps into your professional world to bring you the most incredible moments of workplace outings. Mark is there for it all, from a ballet or speaking event to a corporate party's entertainment and time on the dance floor.

  • Galas and Cultural Programs – One of the most important aspects of Kram Kran Photo is supporting non-profit organizations. Mark captures the heart and soul of many different types of non-profit galas and cultural programs across the First Coast.

Contact Kram Kran Photo

Mark Krancer provides life-changing photos with his portfolio work. He is proud to share love in the details of his images. If you want to learn more, please contact Kram Kran Photo today

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