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Premier Photography in Franklin , NC and Jacksonville, FL

Kram Kran Photo’s High-Quality Photographic Art

Kram Kran Photo captures and appreciates the world’s beauty through the photography lens in Franklin, NC and Jacksonville, FL. Since 2014, award-winning photographer Mark Krancer has shared his love for photography with the world. Mark captures everything from a sunrise over a river or a husband and bride’s first kiss to a moving train or an alligator taking a swim. Kram Kran’s works of photographic art are featured in art shows and exhibits across Florida. Contact us to learn more about Mark Krancer’s photography.

Types of Photography

​Kram Kran Photo provides high-quality photos with unique lighting and stunning accents. The most common types of photography Mark shoots include:

Event Photography – Kram Kran Photo is passionate about capturing your most influential moments through event photography. Mark loves to share any special event, including galas, non-profit events, inaugurations, networking events and more. Kram Kran Photo specialize in low lighting events, bringing light to photos in darker environments. Whether you’re having a birthday party, concert, community event, event photography is perfect for you.

Landscape Photography – Through natural beauty and lighting in nature, Mark Krancer captures the true essence of landscape art. Kram Kran Photo’s landscape photography pulls emotions from the beauty of nature.

Commercial Photography – Kram Kran Photo’s commercial photography includes drone footage, headshots, real estate, architectural, food, commercial products, and any other type of commercial needs you may have to help promote your business. Mark’s commercial photos help bring commercial products to life for the consumer.

Fine Art Photography – Fine art photography is about turning something we see every day into a piece of artwork. Each photo of original artwork captures the spirit and feeling of a visual aspect in a still shot.

Kram Kran Photo’s Event Photography 

Kram Kran Photo captures special events, no matter how big or small. Mark is passionate about celebrating your company gathering with keynote speakers, personal events like milestone birthdays, and a non-profit cultural program. Kram Kran Photo’s artwork helps time stand still with laughter and happy tears by capturing these important moments in time.

Kram Kran Photo’s Landscape Photography

Mark Krancer began his love of photography when he began to see the natural beauty in his surrounding environment. Kram Kran Photo captures landscape photography by bringing out the tiniest details in nature. Kram Kran Photo’s landscape photography specializes in pieces that capture stunning sunsets against the water, lightning crashing behind a tree, and the still glamour of trees in a forest.


Contact Kram Kran Photo

Kram Kran Photo strives to share emotion and beauty through everyday photos. Mark invites you to view his work and contact him about capturing your important events in life. The art of photography is emotion waiting to jump off the photo into your heart. Contact Kram Kran Photo for more information.

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